Atrocities by Mantri Developers Bangalore at Mantri Tranquil

Mantri’s yet another milestone at Tranquil

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Propcare, the 100% sub of Mantri Developers issued the following letter to the President of our Association:


From: G.S.Murthy <>
To: ‘M S Raghuram ‘
Cc: ‘R Srinivasan’
Sent: Monday, 25 June 2012 12:25 PM
Subject: Restructuring of Propcare/Security Personnel

Dear Mr. Raghuram,
Considering that Mantri Tranquil is more than 70 % occupied and the stabilization of operations, we have re-structured the functioning of Propcare Offices at Tranquil as follows.
Effective Today i.e on  25th June 2012,
A,B,C,D,E & F blocks will be looked after by Mr. Devdutt.
G,H,I,J & K Blocks and the Clubhouse will be looked after by Mr Pradeep.
There is also a change in the strength of the Security Personnel in the blocks.  The Guard in the “0” (A to J Blocks) level will no longer be on duty effective 26th June ’12.
This is for your information please.
With best regards,
G S Murthy
Propcare Real Estate Management Pvt Ltd
# 7/9/13, Gubbalala Village,
Subramanyapura Post,
Bangalore – 560 061.
Direct: +91 80 42087017 / 42087032
Mobile: +91 99003 68686


What an idea sirji ?

Mantri Developers is devising new fomulas to cut costs. They do not care about keeping up their commitment or honouring the Maintenance Agreement signed. This is yet another proof of “Deficiency of Service”. Do we need say more ?

The Security is already in shambles and instead of tightening security they are removing the same.

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June 26, 2012 at 4:41 PM

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Propcare responds to the letter from Owners Association

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Propcare responds to the letter from Owners Association and their letter is published below. One can understand that Propcare’s demand for Water and Diesel charges after 2 yrs 3 months is illegal and will not stand in any court of law. Link to view the reply letter : Propcare letter (15.6.12) to Assn

Please view the link above.

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June 15, 2012 at 9:03 PM

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MTAOA – Mantri Tranquil Apartment Owners Association Writes to Propcare

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Mantri Tranquil Apartment Owners Association writes to Propcare, the Maintenance Company fully owned by Premium Developer Builder Mantri Developers Bangalore in response to the illegal demand of Water and Energy Charges after 2 and a half years of start of the contract with retrospective effect from Apr 2010.

Please see the letter from the Owners Association to Propcare below:



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June 15, 2012 at 8:59 PM

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Mantri’s Propcare Threatens to stop procuring Diesel for DG Sets

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Mantri’s 100% Subsidiary Company Propcare Real Estate Management Pvt Ltd that is currently running the maintenance of one of the Mantri’s Projects – Mantri Tranquil has threatened to stop procuring Diesel for Back up DG Sets since they have some cash flow issues. This sounds stupid. Cash Flow issue is their problem and not our [residents] problem. Moreover, Propcare does not get any cash inflow on a monthly basis. They took a lumpsum from us for providing Maintenance Services for 3 years. This lumpsum is an Interest Free Refundable Maintenance Deposit [ IFRMD ]. So where is the question of cash flow issues ? Even if there is, it is their problem and not ours certainly. If they fail to procure Diesel for the back up DG Set then it would mean deficiency of service.


Also, if someone using the lift is trapped inside the lift due to the unavailability of DG Set [due to the lack of diesel purchase] and a sudden Bescom power outage, then it would also mean criminal negligence.


Prospective Buyers looking at buying Mantri Flats should be aware of these issues before signing on the dotted line. Your fate will hang in balance once you have signed.


Please see the attached letter from Propcare addressed to the Owners Association. If this is not deficiency of service, what is ? If this is not extortion, what is ? This is what you can expect from the Award Winning Builder Mantri Developers Bangalore.


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June 15, 2012 at 8:33 PM

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Issues at Mantri Tranquil

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Propcare, a 100% subsidiary of Mantri Developers who takes care of the Maintenance of the Property signed an agreement with the owners in Jan 2010 by collecting a lumpsum refundable deposit. Propcare is supposed to maintain the property using the interest generated from the corpus.

After 2 years 3 months, i.e., on 31-Mar-2012 comes back to the owners and charges them for Water and Diesel [DG Set] usage and threatens to cut off water supply if not paid whereas there was no information provided at the time of signing the one-sided Maint Agreement regarding these charges being exclusive. Never in the last 2 yrs 3 months, did the residents receive any invoice. All of a sudden Propcare wants to collect money for Water and Diesel usage from owners that too with retrospective effect from Apr 2010.

This is absolutely atrocious, illegal, blackmailing. We were told by Mantri Developers at the time of handover of the flat to sign the Maint Agreement dtd 01-Jan-2010 from Propcare [sub of Mantri] and only then we were given the flat keys. Even if the possession is much later than Jan 2010, the Maint Agreement is dated only 01-Jan-2010, now isn’t that illegal in the first place ?

Mantri Developers bend rules, do not follow law of the land and are unethical. Please be careful when you deal with them.

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April 2, 2012 at 4:55 PM